Muscle spasms and pain on right side

I know it’s so easy to blame all of your symptoms on chiari. Now imagine that’s it’s your kid with the chiari. I think I worry more than her! I’m a bit concerned because she’s been complaining about muscle spasms in her right arm, from the shoulder to the elbow. She also has pain along the right side of her body. Same side as the spasms. She’s scheduled for an spinal MRI on Sunday. Are these symptoms typical of syringomyelia?
I really should stop freaking out but I don’t then who will? She’s 17 and not really interested in researching chiari or syrinxs. She leaves that up to me. Lol

I had muscle spams/tremors often. One instance it was so severe in my right leg that I went to the ER. I could not put any weight on my legs and it lasted about 2 hours. I had my surgery one week and one day ago an just a few little spasms so far. Hugs and prayers for you!!