Muscle spasms?

Alright, so I went to my neurosurgeon not too long ago, and she said that my brain is 8mm, and that I had a connective tissue disorder. I don’t know what one, because it takes awhile to get in for genetic testing where I’m at. I have also gotten a spine MRI that I am waiting for the results on. But anyways, I have had these “muscle spasms” for a good while. Maybe more than 6 months? I don’t remember exactly when it started, but it started out with small jerks in my arms.

I thought maybe they were just in my head, but they have gotten worse over time. I’ll get spasms in my legs, while I am walking, and when I am sitting or pretty much anything. What happens is that my entire leg tenses up, sometimes it’ll just jerk, but mainly its my right leg, it’ll tense up, and then loosen without me doing it. It hurts a lot, and it sucks when I walk. I’ll also get spasms in my fingers, where my fingers, especially my thumbs, will tense and loosen several times. My thumbs do it so much that the area around my thumbs have started to hurt. Sometimes my arms will jerk like they used to, but not as much. My neck muscles will also tick, like my head to my shoulder. Its really bizarre and I have put this off for so long because I thought it was just in my head, but it all hurts so much.

I don’t know if it is related to chiari, and I haven’t really done any research on any connective tissue disorders yet. I have seen other people on this site with similar spasm, from years and years ago. So I was just wondering if anyone else has similar experiences? Or maybe can give me a explanation for these, “muscle spasms” I have. Also: I am getting a Chiari Decompression Surgery on April 1st, 2019.


Hi!! I too suffer from the spasms. I dont know if they are chiari, from what I have read on other forums it is pretty common though. That’s what led me to the ER where i received the Chiari 1 diagnosis. They were whole body, now they are seemingly getting a bit better. My arms jerk a bit daily, my legs tense and jerk a bit but it’s not whole body for the present time. I hopethis helps a bit.

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yes thank you for responding! i am currently 4 months post op, and my arm jerks are getting better. the tensing in my legs is less severe, which is nice, but they still happen randomly. As long as they dont hurt me as much, i am satisfied!!

I have the same issues. Mine actually started after decompression surgery. They were pretty frequent initially, but I rarely get them now (right at 5 years post-op).

Yes, I had spasms too - before and after surgery in my hands, feet, calves, hips, neck, shoulder adductors. It was quite annoying when sewing, resting, sleeping, skating, walking… I addressed a variety of different primitive reflexes which were present and increasing my muscle tone throughout my body. I had to do a lot of exercises but now am fine with the muscle spasms. As an addition perk, my hamstring length went from very poor to yoga quality length with only the exercises to address muscle tone.

My understanding is that the frontal brain needs to be retrained on how to repress these reflexes that we use in our first couple years of movement but that should repressed/resolved/absent in our later years/adulthood. Chiari obstruction challenges the brain and it devotes energy to more important endeavors. These reflexes that emerge in adulthoo are not unique to Chiari but also occur with MS, CP, concussion, stroke, Parkinsons.