Today I am The Chiari Institute NY for 1st appt

It’s been a very long wait and I am SO anxious. I am getting a flex/ext MRI before being seen by Drs Kula and Rekate. Not sure what that will reveal?
Mostly I am terrified they will say "sorry " can’t help you! Because that is what I have been hearing for so many years from the uneducated dr community. I guess I’m just hoping for a plan. It’s terribly hard not to have high expectations.
Just want to hear “oh THIS is what’s happening…”


Your feelings are completely understandable in my opinion!! The good news are going to be seeing the right doctors..from what I have read , TCI is wonderful!!

Take a deep breath....hard to relax, I know.....let us know how you make out......You are in thought and prayer!!! Travel safe.



Hi Sandy.....

Just wanted you to know I am thinking of you..when you and let us know how you are doing at TCI



Hope you get the answers you want. It is very hard thinking that they are going to say the same thing all the other doctors have said in the past. Most of those places won't take you though if they don't think they can help.

Let us know when you talk to them what they said..