Im in with Chiari Institute

Hi all! Well I heard back from The Chiari Institute and after a very long painful weekend in bed they said they want to see me! I can’t even explain the relief I feel right now.
After going from specialist after specialist. The denial that I’ve had inside that anything could be wrong since I’ve already had a surgery for Chiari coming up on 10 years now.
This discussion group has been a GODSEND as it has helped me to find our a wealth of information and now I am led to the proper doctors for condition.
It sometimes doesn’t just end with a surgery I’m finding out bit I’m so happy that I am on my way to the next step to a BETTER ME!!!
woo hoo! I have no idea what I’m in for when I go there… But I’m so ready to stop the pain!
Thank you all and I wish you a pain free day!!!

Sandy thats great news!! I'm glad you are on your way!

Hope you're having a pain free day:)


That’s fantastic news! I am waiting to hear from them myself! Keeping my fingers crossed! Good luck to you!

Oh Sandy...I am so happy that you will be seen there..hope you are feeling better.

when do you go????


Hi Lori

I go on September 21st. First day available that I can see Neurologist Dr. Kula (sp?)
and Neurosurgeon Dr. Rekate.
A whole 2 hours with neurologist and 1 hour w NS. I can’t imagine what it will be like to spend that amount of time with anyone that knows what we are all experiencing.
I had a slight moment of panic that I will get there and they will have no answers for me after so
Many years of this - but I can’t believe they would have me go all the way to NY without good reason after reviewing my MRIs. Just habit.
Whew!! Can’t wait!!!