Can FINALLY go to TCI.....YAY!

Thank you to all of you that encouraged me to re-check the insurance issue at TCI since they made changes. I finally did and was shocked when I was told that Dr Rekate is in my network. It was even more comforting when the rep told me he is considered a "premium member," meaning that he's a top Dr in their eyes. After months of wanting to get there to get the proper testing/dx and feeling so desperate when they weren't accepting insurance, I suddenly feel a glimmer of hope. For those of you that have gone to the process to get an appointment long? And if you saw Dr Rekate what was your experience like? It's so sad to say, but I would be thrilled if they told me that I am right and I do, in fact, have chiari and related issues. At least then there could be some plan of action. Sitting around in a recliner half the day as I worsen has just left me feeling hopeless. Thanking God for this gift of hope today :)

That's great news! I am not familiar with TCI, but have heard goods things! I totally understand how you feel about a diagnosis. Although no one WANTS to have Chiari, knowing may help with treatment and getting you to feel better. Keep us posted as to when you can get an appt.



I'm so happy for you. Even though you have faced so much adversity and negativity you have persisted in looking for answers. It is a good news day.....Squeaky Wheel