To visit the ER or not

Question: When you have Chiari and Syringomyelia everyday is a challenge. Some days are worse than others. Today I feel incredibly weak and feel very distant from others in conversation and in mind. My breathing has been very shallow. My symptoms are very acute. Medical care is extremely expensive.

In my mind I think I would love to be in an emergency room getting some good care. Also in my mind I think, would could they possibly do for me? Answer, prob. nothing. I was decompressed in Jan. of 2013. Does anyone else ever go through this. So, again, I will just stay home.

Hi, catlover.
You know your body best. If seems to me it’s not entirely unreasonable to go to ER if you are debating with yourself to start. And as far as the matter of what they can do for you, if you’re having acute or new symptoms and breathing seems compromised, I would say it’s best to be safe and be assessed for any critical care necessary.
Best wishes. And, please let us know how you’re doing.

Thank you. I will for sure keep you informed. We have a storm coming in and maybe that has exacerbated some of my breathing too.

I have brething problems too. My daily breathing is worse thani it's supposed, but sometimes it gets even worse in the evening. It Sometimes gets so bad, I can't fall asleep. This usually continues for somewhere between 6-12 hours. 2 weeks ago it started one evening and didn't get better for 4 days. I was misserable and scareed, so I took a cab and went from one side of my town to the other where the ER is. They measured my blood pressure, oxygen in blood. I even had all my medical documents with me and a doctor took a look in them. They gave me some pills that didn't help. I didn't get better and they said, I'm OK and should see a psychiatrist. They said that despite I had a psychiatrists note there stating there is nothing they can do for me( not a psychological problem). I guess being a young woman just qualifies anyone for being depressed. haha

I don't believe the ER can help chiarians. I think the best thing you can do, is talk to the surgeon who operated on you or any other doctor who you know understands Chiari, ask them what to do in these situations. Ask them for something that would help the ER doctors(some medical document) in case you need to go there.

I can relate to the mental health thing. Until I changed family doctors, I would leave our former family doctor of 16 years in tears every time because they convinced me I had mental health issues also.

I would go in and complain of much fatigue, headaches, unexplained anxiety and depression. The most of took gallons of blood from me during those years and some x-rays. During that time, I was also put on a sleep apnea machine. It was expensive and ineffective.

Because of a slight irritation with an issue with the doctor regarding my daughter, we changed doctors. We were also starting to feel like a number after 16 years of loyalness and trust to the office.

Well, the new family doctor starting zeroing in a bunch of things. Also...the hospital thing sometimes sounds like a 4 star resort to me where I can get care and rest and don't have to help with homework, do dishes, do laundry, I can just exist and escape for a while :).