Problems at the ER

I had the worst experience at the ER over the holidays. I have been staying at my moms so she could help me with my kids because my headaches and dizziness have been getting worse. The first time I went into the ER on Christmas Eve because I ran out of my meds. Three days later I went in because the meds weren't working. The Dr. just shot me up with Dilaudid. I was there maybe ten minutes. Four nights after I was back. I had terrible head and neck pain and dizziness. This time the Dr was such a jerk. First he pulls my records and asks me why I have been in so much. Then when I tell him I was recently diagnosed with CM1 he tells me that since I have had it since birth it has no significance. After he lectures me on the fact that he will not be giving me any narcotics because he doesn't believe in using them he gives me Toradol and Benadryl through IV. By this time my head feels like it's going to explode. When that doesn't work he gives me haldol. The whole time I am thinking Isn't that what they give crazy people. After it knocked me out they sent me home. The next day I suffered terrible side affects. I could barely think. I would walk in to a room and forget where I was or why I was there. I was agitated and confused for two days. I will never let anyone give that to me again. Does anybody have any advice on how to deal with Dr that don't understand? After that experience I am afraid to go to the ER I think what will they do to me next.

Do you have a regular PCP that can help? I have had to educate mine on Chiari. I can say she has been very receptive. Based on my experience with the ER, I will have to be unconsious to ever go back to one.

Hope you find something soon to give you some relief.