Kinda freaking-

I have been having more "pressure" and my vision has gone a bit wonky. I can't get a neurologist to see me till next week (two weeks after worse symptoms started).

I am trying to figure out if I should go to the ER and have them do another MRI to see if things have advanced or if I should wait to see the neurologist. Any advise? any experience?

Stacy--not really knowing your history the best i can say is- if the pain is unbareable, and the eye issues are causing you extreme difficulty or discomfort GO TO THE ER.

Listen to your body- usually gives ya all the ques you need to make the right decision.

yes and an eye exam is very important!


Have you seen a Neuro-Opthomologist??? I had better results from them than any NL???? Any unbearable Sx' Lisa to ER......

a Neuro opthomologist is a specialist in eyes and I was instructed to consult one of the best..I was there for 4 hrs...not just waiting...doing all these different tests....she looked at my recent MRI....she was well versed on Chiari.

Just a thought.

Sounds like Abby went to eye specialist as well....this is nothing to fool around with....keep us updated.