Finally saw a doctor :)

I finally saw a neurologist on tuesday. She was a nice lady. I was worried about how the visit would go and tried to prepare as best as I could, but as I've seen previously with doctors, they don't care for the whole info you can and want to give. In Latvia the visit is usually scheduled for 15min. It takes less if it is a check up, but it should be way more for the first time visit! The only doctor who has never rushed me is my current PCP.

Even though I felt rushed and I couldn't tell her everything I wanted(I didn't even get to pain), she seemed interested in getting to the cause. So she asked that my PCP orders EEG, EKG(or ECG), doplerography for neck and an ophtalmologist to take a look if there is any pressure around the optic nerves. She said, the MRI will come later.

She explained that if there is something wrong in the blood flow in neck, it causes symptoms like fatigue, trouble breathing and even tingling or weakness in the arms.

I remember her reading the radiologists report and saying to herself: "thank god..."

She also asked if I have everd had a massive amount of goo coming out of my nose, because there was something too thick in the nose area in my MRI.

Now I can't wait to get the tests done. I want to know they will say.

I’m glad you found a doctor you like! I do have a question about your vision/optic nerves. Do you ever have flashes to where you’ll go 10-15 minutes without being able to see? This has only happen once to me. Thank god I wasn’t driving! But still scary! With mine I definitely feel a lot of fatigue. I also got numbness in my arms. Let me know what you find out. Sounds like we have a lot of the same issues. Good luck! You’ll do great. :slight_smile:

Thank you!:)

I have damage in one of my eyes, but I'm not sure what caused it. I think the original diagnosis was made before the Chiari was discovered. I get big white light spots floating in that eye with some coughing or anything else that raises pressure. I also get the thing when everything goes black for a few seconds. This can lead to passing out if I don't stop whatever caused it. I also get the blurred vision whenever I feel worse than usual.