Think it safe to drive 10 days post op?

Hello friends,

Wow, this first week after surgery has been really really rough. Having to almost everything by myself and none of my friends to come and visit me has been an eye opening experience. I have realized that who I thought were my "true" friends are really being my true friends at all.

Everyone on this website have really been there for me and I consider you my true friends. I love each and every one of you even though we have never met.

With that said, I really want to drive my car and get out of the house. Cabin fever has set in big time! I basically have to do everything by myself. I feel like I will be alright as long as I am not driving for too long of a distance. Just to run a few errands.

I want so bad to work again. I haven't worked in over a year and I am just not used to it still to this day. I have to provide for my family. My husbands income is just not enough. SSDI has denied me.

I can't and won't go homeless. I have two boys that depend on me to provide shelter, food and clothing.

Sorry to rant. What do u all think about me driving?

Love and Gentle Hugs,


Hang in there! If you ever need to talk; I’m home all day on Maternity Leave.

Thanks Rachel! I would probably message your ears off. LOL Lots of feelings to let out and no one to talk with them about I try with my hubby and he really hasn't been there for emotional support other than he did really good at the hospital and for like 2 days when I got home. I try with my mom and sister and they start talking about what all is wrong with them and how stressed they are. My mom has been here like twice and did'nt ever stay an hour.

My friends have been there for me on Facebook and say they will visit me and then they don't. Seems like since my symptoms worsened and when I found out I had Chiari they just quit coming around so much. I used to be so active. i worked at a busy Ped's office as a medical assistant. I had such energy. That's all changed in a big way and I hate change so I have been struggling with being a "new' person so to speak. Like I am mourning my old self and wish with all my heart I could get my old self back. Sorry to seem so "Nancy Downer" just really having a rough time right now.

Love and Gentle hugs,



I believe 10 days post-op is too soon to drive! You should wait to be cleared by your doctor. You just went thru major surgery and you would not want to get into an accident and hurt yourself or someone else! Can you go for a walk near your house to get rid of the cabin fever?

Get a disability attorney and keep pursuing the SSDI. I was denied twice and had to go to a hearing with a judge finally, but I did get approved. Keep fighting!

Please take care,


I wasn’t cleared to drive or almost 8 weeks, but I had some weird things happening…like spontaneously falling asleep. I would check with the surgeon 1st.

My restriction on driving was not to drive while on narcotic pain meds. I was driving at 2 weeks post-op. I think you will know if you feel up to driving. Getting out may be a big pick me up for you. Do you have anyone that would come get you to have lunch or something? Hang in there. It will get better.


Hi. My advice would be its too early to drive after surgery. I am now 3 months post op and haven’t moved a car yet. Just sitting in one for a trip to the shops makes me ache and feel tired without trying to control it. :-). I have also developed weird symptoms of nerves shooting pains in my legs that were not there straight after surgery so lots of things can change during recovery.
I think you should take your time to rest and recuperate your body. I completely understand how hard it must be to be in doors all the time. Feels like your a prisoner. I too was a very active on the go person but have learnt over the last few months that i can’t keep pushing myself like i did anymore.
Speak to you surgeon about driving, and also be careful if you are on any meds. You will probably have many exersices to do to get you muscles etc mobile enough again, they will be weak after surgery and may take a wihile to build up again before your strong enough to drive.
Good luck take your time and look after yourself keep us posted hugs. X


I did not drive for quite some time....a few mths I think..maybe it was only 2 mths....but, just my opinion ..10 days is early.

Hope you are doing ok. we are here for you.

Peace and hugs,


I was told no driving until at least my follow up. Even though I have wanted to drive, I haven't risked it. I am one month post-op and still don't trust myself as I cannot move my head from side to side completely. Take a walk it is safer...hope everything is going well otherwise. Good luck!