4weeks post op

Wow, what a journey. I want so badly to fill everyone in, but I am still so tired.

  1. Pretty much my biggest questions are how long did it take to get over the exhaustion. I stopped the oxy’s 2 weeks ago and I only take 5 mg of Valium maybe 4 or 5 mornings a week. I am getting 9-12 hours sleep during the night and taking anywhere from 2- 5 hours nap everyday, and I am sound asleep during those naps.

Also when did you all begin driving again? I can’t sit up straight in the van, I have to recline back and I have this (uncomfortable, decorative) pillow that is the only thing that helps in the van.

I go back for my visit in 2 weeks and had hoped to return to work the following week. I just don’t want my dr to think I am trying to stretch out my leave from work, but I honestly don’t know if I’ll be ready.

Again thanks for the prayers and support.

Found something on FB a few weeks ago that makes me chuckle…I know that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle, but I just wish that he didn’t trust me so much!!!

Thanks again friends!

Man.... I so agree with Christine....

I am 21 week post opp and though I am getting better, I am no where near "normal". Everyone is different but I had the idea that I would "bounch back" too and honestly, It was so much pressure that I ended up depressed. Just be careful and allow yourself time.

I know people that are one year post opp and still considered in recovery. Like my surgeon said.... this is a big deal surgery. This is your brain, not a boob job....lol

hi there,

i had surgery on the 22 june so im nearly 4months post op,

and the tiredness is the hardest thing for me, i wanted to sleep all the time, but i didnt, (long story)

im still tired and it hits very quick and sometimes it doesnt lift, ive now learnt to nap during the day if needed,

i saw my surgery last week for my driving clearance and checkup, i asked him how long does it take to recover he told me, it depends on the person, so not a great answer.

you have to remember that bones take a year to heal, and nerves can take up to 2, also anestithic takes 2yrs to leave your body, this can leave problems,

christine is right, you got to give yourself more time, it can take along time,

driving i have only just starting doing, and well its very hard to do, takes so much thinking, i cant even read thinking books yet,

if you go back too early and try to work, you could cause damage to yourself or someone else,

i understand that you want recovery to go faster and get back on the horse but dont push it, another few months is nothing compaired to your whole life,

listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs,


Thanks ladies, I know your all right. It’s so hard because I got so used to pushing through day to day life pre surgery that this was unexpected. Hopefully dr sees it my way because I am a K9 handler and as of yet I still can’t walk him because he throws me off balance, biggest problem though is the fact that I have to drive from job to job most are at least an hour away, but usually 2 or more hours one way. We are typically on a job for an hour then it’s back into the truck to do it again…scary!

Joe Erne…I can’t read yet either…I just about get through a magazine article…thought it was just me!

Sorry…that was suppose to say Joelene


You need to be kinder to yourself..in my opinion!! Sounds like you are a lot like me...I thought since I bounced back from other surgeries very quickly that the decompression would the same...WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It took me a long time to feel somewhat normal again...whatever normal is!!LOL

This is the way my NS explained recovery to me..."I can say with certainty that you have had Chiari your whole adult life...and very possibly your entire life...so, it is going to take a while for your brain to re-adjust to the new spinal fluid flow" He also told me that every patient is different..I did not drive for about 4 mths.....and I still have a fear of driving the Thru-Way...b/c I have visual disturbances from time to time.

I had my decompression 3 yrs ago..I have had good results , however, I still struggle with symptoms.

Your job sounds like a great job....I have 5 dogs!!! But your job is a job...training big dogs, right? then driving long distances....Please don't rush back to work...

Good Luck, keep us posted.




Thanks…it is…we have 5 also, 2 czech shepards that my husband works, a 104 pound black lab chow mix that is an animal assisted therapy dog, my 45 pound Beagle that I work ( he is only 16 months) so he is a hand ful…and the meanest of the bunch is the 5 pound Chihuahua

I am trying to be patient but it is hard

I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time recovering. I haven’t had surgery so I’m no help with advice. I do hope you feel better very soon thou.

Resting is good, but too much rest isn't good either. You have to make sure that you move around and keep the blood circulating. My doctor wanted me to walk every day. I walked on a flat surface and gradually increased the length of time. The walking helped with my stamina. I also practiced moving my neck. That helped with stiffness and allowed my body to get used to everything.

Try taking the valium at night to help you sleep...instead of in the morning time.

I started driving short distances at 4 weeks post surgery. It was an odd feeling at first. Maybe one of those neck pillows...the one's that people use on airplanes will help you...it helped me.

My job isn't physically demanding as your job...so it may take you a while before you can get back to work. I started part time/light duty before I resumed my regular duties. Is there any way you could ease back into things?