Thank you! All of you! (said in my award acceptance speech voice while waving and holding my new brain)

I am almost one week out of surgery. No lie, this has been a freekin cake walk compared to my expectations.
When my NS opened my head he found a HUGE band of tissue that didn’t show up in any MRI or test that I had done. It ran from the back of each ear to the other. The tissue was so tight that my skull began to warp around it. Thus making me chiari symptoms all that much worse. Surgery went awesome though and I have not had one chiari symptom since I woke up. Granted the band of tissue led for a much MUCH larger incision and a LOT more hair being shaved off (as in 3/4 of my hair. All I have left really is my bangs). I plan on rockin the hell out of this ugly haircut. And rockin it proudly.
I am already cutting out pain meds with aleeve. Yesterday I walked a mile.
I’m still taking it easy and listening to my body. But I have faith in no time I will be running again.
Right before surgery I struggled with questions of religion (it’s bout to get a lil preachy. You’ve been forewarned:)
I got the most beautiful gift out of this surgery. I was sure I was going to die during surgery. I begged God to give me some sort of sign that there was a God, that I’d be ok, that I wouldn’t leave my babies behind. 2 days before surgery the signs started. It was like God was screaming at me. Everywhere I went I saw, heard and felt the most obvious, pointed, clearly directed at me, unmistakably loud metaphorical voice of God in everything. It got to the point that all I could do was laugh and say out loud ‘Ok! I get it! You’re speaking to me! You can stop yelling now!’ lol! It was so clear and so obvious that God reached out to me in my most desperate time. I’ve searched for this feeling for 29 years. Gave up a hundred times. But I got it now. And it felt like nothing I could explain. It was just beautiful. The most warming, soothing, comforting feeling I’ve ever felt. Maybe it took this surgery to open my eyes to it all. Idk. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
To those of you who offered me words of encouragement when I needed it, who comforted me from behind your computers, who guided me in the direction of finding God when I came on this message board in desperation, who told me I wasn’t alone in my fears and made me feel a part of something, thank you. From the absolute deepest part of my heart. I won’t ever meet any of you. And wouldn’t recognize any of you on the street. But you have impacted my life in a way you just can’t understand.
So I sit here holding my beautiful new brain and I say THANK YOU! THANK YOU ALL! We did this together. This wasn’t just my journey.


I am so happy for you. Wow! What a great outcome after all you've been through and all the anxiety you had prior to surgery. You have also given those of us that are looking at having surgery a great gift. I want to say thank you for that. I love the signs that you got prior to surgery. I believe that we all get them it's just that we need to recognize them when they are presented to us. May God and your angels continue to surround you and keep you safe.

Now for my words of caution.....Please take it easy and follow doctors instructions. You do not want your progress to be undone. Please speak to your doctor about any type of excersize before you do it. Running is very jarring and could do damage if you do it before you are healed.

Please keep us updated on your progress.

Sp glad to hear that it is better and everything is on the mend... But me being me (like I know how to be someone else, LOL) never say never. We may meet somewhere at sometime because their is something about going through this process that makes you recognizable to others who have had the same thing done.

How wonderful it would be to run into all of you or any of you!

Michael Salasky said:

Sp glad to hear that it is better and everything is on the mend… But me being me (like I know how to be someone else, LOL) never say never. We may meet somewhere at sometime because their is something about going through this process that makes you recognizable to others who have had the same thing done.

I promise I will continue to take it easy. I’ll listen to my body. I am so lucky to have so much help at home between my husband, mother, father, neighbors and friends. My NS has enormous faith in my body and set no limits for me. He told me to listen to my body and trust my body. It will tell me when I need to slow down. He told me to not be ignorant and remain cognizant of the fact I did have surgery. All things I have been doing and will continue to do. Girl scoucs honor :wink: After reading 99% of the posts on this site over the past few months I feel that I am really in the not normal category as far as how great I feel right now. I feel better than I have in years. I hope that I can give at least one person hope that it can get better. That there are success stories. And at the same time all of you who struggle will remain in my thoughts and I hope that you are able to find peace inside your brains.

I love you story!! I have my decompression surgery tomorrow and I'm to the point of wanting to go grab my babies from my moms and cancel it. I have a 6 & 9 year old and all I can think of is how much I want to see them again, that this could potentially be the last night we ever see each other. I told them both I loved them and hugged them a million times, I didn't want to let go. As you I am so scared I'm not going to wake up, but have been told by many that I need this to see if I can get my life back and not deteriorate's such a hard spot to be in. I know I need it, but I don't want to be put under. I'm not really even scared of the surgery, it's the anesthetic I'm scared of. I too have begged for some sign there is something more than this, a higher power, to bring me peace and comfort with my surgery and decision. I have severe anxiety anyway, and this situation is just taking the cake. When I left my mothers tonight, hugged my boys and my dad, lastly my mom. She started crying (Thanks mom!!! NOT) I said why are you you too not think I'm going to make it, please mom just tell me the truth I can handle it. She said 'No, I think your just fine, I'm just emotional and worried, fearing the unknown'. I said if you truly believe in your heart that I'm going to be okay, please don't cry because your going to scare me and make me cry lol. I didn't cry in front of her because I knew it would be horrible for both of us, but I balled like a baby on my way down the road. I have a million things I need to be doing right now but just feel numb and sad. I want to know I'm going to wake up tomorrow, and the scariest thing one can assure me of that. So so scared right now. Your story is amazing and i'm so glad it's been good and I'm hoping mine will be the same. Best wishes to you and your 'new brain' my dear!

So thrilled your surgery went well. I will be having my decompression surgery next week and I am looking forward to it, yet dreading it if that makes any sense. Dreading leaving my babies (2&6), but looking forward to God working his miracles and helping me out of this constant pain and discomfort. Your story definitely inspires me and is giving me hope :slight_smile:

So glad to hear that you are doing so well! :) It's so encouraging to hear success stories for those of us who haven't had surgery yet. I have an NS appt on the 20th and from what the assistant said on the phone it sounds as though he is recommending surgery. I'm so worried it won't make things better or that it could make things worse. I'm hoping for a sign myself! :)

I am so happy for you. You will have little ups and downs, but it seems to go with the territory. As the weeks and months pass, you will notice suddenly that one residual side affect after another will disappear. Now, enjoy the rest of your life. Hugs (^J^)

I had my surgery Mar 20 this year. Felt like death warmed over for a month. Second and third month improved measurably, and now (Sept) I feel 99%. I'm only left with dizziness and stuttering, which is rather comical. I've alerted my neighors that when they see me fall over while weeding, or staggering around the lawn weed spraying --- I'm not drunk. Until about a month ago, I still had a large bulge at the bottom of my skull. One day I cleaned the house siding by holding aloft a 12ft pole with a brush as the end. Worked for about 4 hours, head up, swinging the brush back and forth. The next morning, I felt the base of my skull -- and my swelling had gone! The bulge had sunk into my neck between the tendons. Sometime I feel it again, and push it back in. Wierd, eh? Had anyone else had this 'problem'?

Please post your success story under the tab in the header at the top of the page. That way when someone is looking for someone that has had success with their surgery, it will be right there! Please don't leave us or forget about us because are feeling great and getting back to your life. Someone here may need your encouragement this time:) I am so happy for you!

Correction - go under the Groups tab and join the one called Success Stories!

Wow! What a testimonial. Yes this is the most wonderful sight I have ever been on. God led me here in my most desperate time. I found out that it it dosen't matter what state I'm in I'll accept it and cling and love my life no matter what. It was their kind words that keep bringing me back. I can't belive their are sooo many of us that expeirance the same thing. My surgery also went well It lifted my pain leval to a liveable state. God bless you in your journey and take care.

God Bless you!!! Great to hear about your success and feeling better! Take it easy and enjoy:)


Congratulations! I'm glad things went so well for you. I'll keep sending healing thoughts your way. :)

Katrina W.

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I don't talk much, but I lurk daily and your post gives me hope. I have been so scared to even consider the surgery for fear that it will change nothing while risking my life (surgery) in the process. Seeing the good outcomes is just as important as seeing the bad. I'm glad that this experience brought you closer to God. What a blessing out of the pain of this disorder.

Thanks for sharing your story. It's a great one to read about! Also, my daughter has not yet had her decompression story & her case has been quite atypical, so it is interesting to read about other complications (well-kind of-you know what I mean).