Tens Unit...has anyone used one

Has anyone ever used a Tens Unit? A Tens unit is one of those machines that chiropractors sometimes use. It delievers electrical nerve stimulation. It is an alternitive to pain meds. I have had several surgeries. I am having horrible nerve pain right now. My last neurosurgeon said that it was safe to use as long as I didn't put it above my should blades. My uncle who is a chiropractor agreed with the neurosurgeon. The neurologists I am see says I should abolutely NOT use a TENS Unit.

Has anyone else used one? What feedback have you gotten from your doctor about using a TENS Unit?


HI !!!

I totally agree with Katie. They don't work for most CM pain areas. My NS and NL both said to try it but DO NOT place the electrodes over the arteries in your neck. My husband uses it for his lower back pain. It helps him. I am sorry you are in such pain. Are you currently taking any nerve pain meds? Elavil helps me tremendously. It makes you very sleepy, but is great right before bed.

I hope you start feeling better soon,

Tracy Z.

i have one and it helps my MUSCULAR issues but anything deeper then that it doesnt much do anything ..

unless i keep it on ALL day long !! then i just feel numbish from the constant buzz buzz...

Used a TENS unit a few years back (prior to CM daignosis). Didn't help me much.