Should I continue or STOP using my home cervical traction unit?


So I ran across a list of things folks with CM should NOT do and on that list was
" should avoid cervical traction"
Why is that? Should I stop using mine? What does it/can it do? I think it may help with my symptoms. Not a 100% sure but It helps while I'm in traction and then about 10-15 mins afterwards its back to the same ole business as usual..

I just don't know what to do, and it's not like I can call and ask my docs around here, they won't even recognize that I have CM in the first place.. UGH, good thing Dr. Heffez does! I am scheduled to go see him on Sept 13-14.. Should I call Kim at his office?

Kim is great!!! They are only in the office one day a week so be patient with them getting back to you.

I can give you more specific details about my visit if you wanted to talk sometime.