Compressed spinal cord

Hi all! Finally got my cervical and thoratic mri’s. Can back with cervical stenosis c4-c7, spondleosis, extruded c6/c7, cord compression to mention a few of the results. Thoratic was unremarkable. I will be going to the Aurora center next month for my first visit with Dr.Oro.
Should I be concerned about the cord compression? I do have parastesia in my left arm and am wondering if I should be limiting activity in the meantime.
What more serious symptoms should I be watching for?
I got the results from a nurse, so nothing was explained to me.

My PCP doesn’t seem to want to address it. I dont think he feels confident eith this type of issues. His nurse called with the results. I did get the scan disc and report. I had to look up 6 different terms of the diagnoses to understand it.


Well, at least your GP is honest with you about his limitations instead of guiding you incorrectly. Yes, spinal cord compression is to be taken seriously. I would say that any physical activity or body position that exacerbates your symptoms should be avoided (I know that’s kind if a “duh”)but I can’t say if that means you should be limiting your activity in general. I would say keep things low key but keep moving. So glad you are going to see a Chiari specialist!!!


I have the worst symptoms while working and its repetitive movements. Difficult to change positions while operating molding machinery. I just hope this can be fixed as the numbness in my arm has worsened. I also get vibrating sensation on my left side and in my head every time I sneeze.
I appreciate the responses from each of you. Its encouraging just to be able to ask questions to other patients.

Dr. Oro is a good doctor can your Doctor or even Dr. Oro's office prescribe a cervical collar to try and stabilize your cervical discs? It might be worth a try .

I don’t know. I haven’t spoken to a Dr. since before the scans. My local Dr.s nurse said he would give me a referral to whatever Dr I wanted and I chose Oro. I will see him the 25th. I’m just hoping I’m not doing unnecessary damage in the meantime. I’m not sure even of what more serious symptoms to watch for.