Just got my cervical spine MRIs--curious of your impressions

I just got back from my cervical spine MRI. I love that they gave me the CD right away because I love looking at the images. :) I'm curious your impressions and thoughts (I'll share mine later; don't want to color judgement). I recognize the obvious caveat that no one here is a doctor and I need a professional to go over these with me.

This first image I'm sharing here is dead center with the contrast dye.

This second is slightly right of center with the dye.

Thanks so much for humoring me. I don't see the neurologist who ordered these until I have my EEG next week, so I've got some MORE waiting to do. I hate that part the most! Waiting between tests...UGH.

Of course, the neurologist’s office called to tell me the MRI showed muscle spasm but nothing else. No pinched nerves or spinal cord abnormalities, which I could see for myself looking at these. But no mention of the Chiari or CSF compression? :frowning:

I feel so freaking depressed. Everything is a battle, everything is doubted if not outright ignored. :frowning: