Got Spinal MRI - please help me understand it

Ok all, I hope some of you can pleaseeeee help me here. I haven't seen my NS about this, although I have an appt. Like many of you, i want to understand as much of it as I can now, before I see him.

I have looked up a lot of these words, but am Google-stuck on really understanding the report and also if it relates, or is connected to my CM. I did find something that mentioned tethered cord, but TC is not mentioned in the report.

Here goes:

Cervical Spine MRI

There is no syrinx. There is mild congenital stenosis of the cervical spinal canal. There is loss of the normal cervical lordosis.

C5-C6: This is the most affected level, there is a broad based bulge of the disc, which results in modest effacement of the anterior aspect of the cord and thecal sac.

Thoracic MRI:

No significant pathology involving the thoracic spinal cord.


Thanks, Abby....oh, I will be asking and picking his brain :-)

I was also really wondering if these findings might be related to my Chiari, or if they are an entirely different issue...

I have never been in a car wreck, but have fallen off a horse a few times in my life. Other than that, no head or neck trauma that I know of.

One step closer to getting some answers! Do you see Dr Oro this week?


I see him on Thursday....not sure if I am excited or not..haha!

My greatest fear is being told that there is nothing he can do. Of course I have the Chiari on the MRI, diagnosed Optic nerve thickening, and a sleep study that shows apnea, but only Central Apnea, which is concerning to me because it is brain stem apnea (for lack of a more detailed description!).

Whether or not all of this adds up to something for him, we will see. My symptoms are worsening, but I am far from disabled. I just want to have a chance to stop it before it worsens or there is real permanent damage.

What are your thoughts? How "bad" do you think my symptoms have to be before surgery might be an option?

Oh, and something else Diane saw on the MRI (but wasn't sure the cause) was thickening of the brain stem and enlargement of the pituitary.

Can you say PLEASE GIVE ME A TUNE UP?????


Without a sryinx, I think surgery is up to you. You will know when you are ready for surgery if it is an option.
They commented about how my pituitary was compressed. I think that explains some hormonal issue I have had.
You are in vey capable hands with seeing Dr Oro.
Good luck. Thursday is almost here.