Need some input please :(

I am in a major dilemma I think. Saturday night I ended up in the hospital because during the day Saturday I fell 5 times because I couldnt feel my left leg at all and come to find out I am not even lifting my toe on left leg. They did a CT of head, everything is fine there, did a MRI of lumbar and thats great (finally I have a part of spine that is good), MRI of cervical and thoracic, their both the same, no change in the syrinx's.
The NS said that "chances are" the syrinx's are causing the issues with leg, chances are the top syrinx. I will attach copy of the first MRI showing it. The NS said he's never done surgery on syrinx but he did do my chiari. I have major issues of handing my spinal cord over to a NS who's never done it before. I have apt set up with Mayo up in Rochester MN the 24SEPT for a week, the NS here has set up a flow study for Thursday, they scheduled it before I was discharged from hospital, then have apt to go over it's findings on the 26SEPT. Tbh going to him scares the crap out of me!!

I need some input on this guys :( I am so confused on how to deal with this. I feel safier with Mayo but how do I deal with the NS here who's done a great job with my fusion and my chiari :( I don't want to burn my bridges

This is one of those tough things, I think, where you have to bite the bullet and do what's right for you.

Tell your local NS that you appreciate him, but with these new issues, you'd like to get a second opinion. My NS office(s) told me they are really used to people choosing different doctors and shopping around. Be really honest with him, and go ahead and tell him you want to speak with someone who has done the shunt before. He is a grown up. He is supposed to understand. Tell your local NS that after your other appointment, you will let his office know what you've decided.

I am really sorry your symptoms are so out-of-control at the moment, but I like your attitude that you finally have a part of your spine that is good.

I think this is like any awkward conversation. The sooner you have it, the easier it will be and the sooner it will be over. It will be a huge sense of relief.

Another tip: if you have a number for the NS's nurse practitioner, or someone else in the office, talk with the other person and leave a message about the second opinion.

After you consult the other doc, listen to your gut instincts and make your decision. You can do this!


The neurosurgeon will understand. If he was having it done he would go to someone that has done it many times before. There is nothing wrong with checking out your options and getting a second opinon. This is your health you have to what's best for you. Even though this doctor has helped you, you can't worry about his feelings. If he is as good as you say he is he will respect your decission. Just tell him that you value his help but you feel better going to someone who has done the surgery before.