Cervical Laminaplasty Nov 28th

Hi everyone!

I had my 2nd decompression with Dr. Heffez May 2, 2011. I am still having alot of pain in my arms and legs. He said that I have 4 bones that are pinching my spinal cord and they need to be removed. I was wondering if anyone else has had this operation with him, Dr. Heffez? If so can you tell me what is in store for me?


I would get a second opinion. That would give you a lot of instability.


Hope you are doing ok today...you are under a lot of stress, that is for sure...I agree with Mindy...a 2nd opinion cannot hurt.

Keep us posted.



i had my decompression with Dr.Heffez in 09. and for me he was a great surgeon he didnt stear me wrong. from this decompresson i have some lingering chiari issues but NOTHING like i had before and are also linked to my cervical stenosis which only HE said to this point i had, well let me correct that up until a month ago no other doctor agreed with him until i found a neurologist who knows chiari i showed him ALL of my cd's and films and left him look at them first before asking him any questions the only things he knew for a fact was i had my decompression and suffered an unfortunate set back of hydrocephalus. this new neurologist is the one who sait to me " Are you aware you have cervical stenosis and are you being treated for that?" so, up until hearing that statement i was starting to doubt Dr.Heffez-after that statement I no longer doubted him. but anyway

if you are questioning him and what he wants to do GET A SECOND opinion!!