Fusion and traction test?

The neurosurgeon wants me to do traction to see if a fusion would be the answer however I don’t think it will be helpful to my headaches/neck/back pain and because wearing a neck collar doesn’t make my symptoms go away and I do not feel like I have a “bobble head”. Has anyone had fusion that found it helpful with Chiari symptoms? I’m really really scared of having fusion and don’t want to limit my mobility or change my appearance. For people who have gotten fusion how much does it limit your mobility?
I’m really worried and any answers would be helpful xoxo

I didn’t have any fusion. I had decompression with part of my C1 partially removed. That was to make extra room. I had the exact same symptoms you have but the surgery corrected all but my heart palpitations and racing heart rate. So if it was up to me to be fused or not I must say I wouldn’t unless absolutely nessessary! Loosing my mobility and ability to drive which I cant do with kids. But we all have different opinions. Good luck!

I did get a fusion done and it did not help they have since talked about another surgery. We all have different results talk to your neurosurgeon and ask lots of questions. You can and might want to see if you can get a second opinion and make a decision after that. As far as limit of mobility it did not limit it only while recovering.

Thank you so much Andrea for your reply, I will definitely be seeking a lot of other opinions but my neurosurgeon wants never to have the cervical traction test to see if it will help, did you have this test done and did it help you? My sister had this done but refused fusion and only did decompression which helped her and that is why I’m so hesitant to get it. I also am having heart symptoms and my nuerosurgeon suggested I might have POTS- do you have this or have been told about this? Thanks so much heading other’s stories and experiences is helping me so much. Xoxo and I hope you’re feeling well!

Thank you so much for your reply, did you have the fusion done after a good result with a cervical traction test? Thank you again and I hope you are feeling okay and get more help xoxo

I had a lot of different testing before getting the fusion as the Dr’s wanted to be sure that would be the best option for me.

No Britt I didn’t have I didn’t have that test done and no I haven’t been told I have POTS even though I believe I do. The doctors around here just don’t have enough information on these medical conditions to make a accurate diagnosis. I do have a leaky heart valve for sure which is something else I was born with.