Temporary Blindness

Has anyone experienced temporary blindness in one eye or both due to chiari? Did you have pain during or after it? How often have you experienced it? One time? Many times? Did you think you were having a stroke?

i’ve had the temporary blindness.7 its scary as hell!i also get pain behind my eye when it happens.not sure whats causing it,thinking it must be the pressure

Hi Danielle I have experienced temporary blindness too. My vision started to get really blurry. I couldn’t focus and all of a sudden I had no periferal vision and then it all went black. What was only a few minutes of blindness seemed like an eternity. It freaked me out the first time it happened. I thought I was having a stroke. It happened twice in one week, but it hasn’t happened since then so I don’t worry too much about it. How often do you experience this? What does your doctor say about it? I also get pain behind my eyes and that happens a lot more often. I’m super sensitive to light and sound. It’s really frustrating. My husband has trouble hearing so the TV is always louder than normal and it makes my symptoms so much worse so I’m constantly turning down the volume when he falls asleep watching it…lol. I can’t stand screaming and when my kids are at it with eachother and screaming I feel like my head is going to explode. I’m lucky that they don’t scream like that often. I usually have to wear sunglasses outside unless its cloudy. The sun is just too bright for me. I almost think I need to be nocturnal…sleep all day and stay awake at night…not going to happen though. Well I hope you are having a good day. Thank you for sharing your experience. God Bless!!! :slight_smile:

Danielle Hancock said:

i've had the temporary blindness.7 its scary as hell!i also get pain behind my eye when it happens.not sure whats causing it,thinking it must be the pressure

ive only had the complete blindness happen a few times.but i constantly get the blurry & loss of peripheral vision.i almost always have pain behind my right eye.i have no Ins. so i dont see a NS im using a dr at a health clinic & she assumes its linked to the CM.

I had EXTREME, nearly blind in my left eye. My NS said it was caused by Papalidema (spelling?), definately from CM. Now that I have had my decompression surgery (03/17/11) I can see perfectly most of the time. I find that when I over do it, since I am still in recovery, that I feel as if the back of my head swells and the blurred vision comes back. I hope this is just temporary and that when I hit my 3, 6 or 12 month mark, basically when things are supposed to be settled and fully recovered, that it will pass. Good luck and prayers to you that have or are dealing with this now, because it is very scary. I have not driven since July 14,2010 due to the vision issue and my husband followed me home from work that day and said if I did drive again he would have my liscense pulled. I was swerving all over, making too wide of turns and driving like a 90 year old woman or man. Sorry, but that is what he said. I was just NOT SAFE. My NL agreed and I haven't yetbeen cleared by him to drive. So, I'm hoping to hit the Lottery and get a Chauffer. That way my mom can get back to her life and not cart me from one appt. to another anymore. Thank God for her!!

Good Luck to you!!

Blessing and Love,