Double vision

hi everyone

ive been getting double vision,

the other night i went for a walk and half way around my normal walk i do, i noticed that my right eye was funny very blurry, and not right,

later that night i went to bed and woke up with gagging(i do just about every night) i rolled back over and went back to sleep i then woke up due to my bottom lip burning and getting tingling, my upper lip started doing the same thing, it was quite painful, then my left arm started tingling, i started to freak out, and said in my head "oh no" i told myself to just go to sleep. so i did,

i woke up in the morning and felt as though i had been hit by a bus, and flu like symtoms. my right eye was still ennoying me, i took the kids to school, and pre school care, then i came home, i sat on the couch, i didnt have much energy to do much else, i then looked at the TV and thought "i wonder what my eye is really doing, as i had gotten pain behind that eye, and then odd pain along my face, I covered my left eye and just looked out of it, i noticed that the people on the TV had an out line, and the words were over lapping eachother, i then started ready my book, and the words had a shadow but under the words, i was tempted to go to the docs,

i was starting to get concerned, as everytime im at the specialists or surgeons they always ask about double vision,

so heres a test for everyone to try.....

if you put your finger a distance from your face and watch it, and move your finger towards your face (while still watching your finger) what do your eyes do, do you see one or two fingers??

this is a big post, im unsure wether this is a chiari problem or MS, but im guessing i will proberly be given MS label,

carla my last MRI showed that there wasnt any fluid problems and that everything was fine, since then ive had muscle weakness, that i dont have energy to even eat, i know in myself that somethings wrong, but i cant get straight answers,

im down with my self at the moment,

I too have double vision. Went to a neuro-opthomologist and he prescribed prism lens glasses. The double vision is present as soon as I take the glasses off and goes away as soon as I put them on. You might want to check into this.

hi jptdada

my eyes only do this after an attack (like having stroke), i had an attack my eyes went, my eyes are fine again now, it always comes and goes, but its left me weak and tired, i dont have energy to do much at all.

but i will talk about this to the specialist,