Symptoms worse when you're tired?

This might seem odd, but I find that my symptoms are worse when I’m tired and mostly at night before bed. Does anyone else get that? If I get adequate sleep I feel pretty good. Also I’ve noticed taking b 12, drinking energy drinks, plenty of water, and sometimes even just ibuprofen or Tylenol help too. Is there anything that you take or do that makes symptoms worse or better? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it! :slight_smile:

Yup, definitely. My symptoms were hellish this last school quarter. I've been taking full time classes, working mostly full time, volunteering at a woman's treatment center, working on my business, AND I got married last September! I was *miserable*. I didn't have a chiari diagnosis at the time so I thought it was just stress and my "fibromyalgia". When school ended for the quarter and I was getting more sleep, I felt SO much better. Now that I'm on medical leave and sleeping, like, half the day (exaggeration, mostly lol) I feel a bit better.

Good luck, and feel better!

Katrina W.

Yes, around three to give, I start feeling,lousy…

I get the same way when I am tired my syptoms are horrible, I ache everywhere my head pounds, and are so incredibly uncomfortable. I know this isn't the best way but the only way I feel better and if I cant go to bed is 2 pain killers and a glass of wine, lol! Ibuprofen does nothing for me, wish it did.

Yes I suffer worse and really pay for it if I push too hard!