Extreme Fatigue

Hello fellow chiarians. I am wondering if anyone has any tips on dealing with fatigue? I am so tired all of the time and it seems nothing I try seems to help. Somedays I don't even get out of bed and I usually don't feel rested at all until I have slept for at least 12 hours and even then, within a few hours of being up I am so tired all I can do is think about going back to bed. The last few weeks I have found myself falling asleep at my desk at work and even once while I was driving home. This is becoming very scary for me and I am not sure what to do. Any advice would be very appreciated. Thanks!

Sorry, you are dealing such bad fatigue and exhaustion. Have you had your vitamin levels checked recently? I am B12 and Vitamin D deficient. When you combine that with Chiari, I was having to take a long lunch to nap everyday before my surgery.

Also, are you getting quality sleep at night?

Hope you find something to help soon because it is no fun being exhausted all the time.



Thank you for your suggestions Diana. I am getting pelnty of good sleep everynight (too much if you ask me, but my body says otherwise)

I will make an appointment to have my vitamin levels checked. I hopefully this will lead to the problem.

Thanks again!

Have your thyroid checked. If your levels are low you will always feel tired. I have an underactive thyroid and when my levels go low I can hardly move. I have to go into my doctor and have my meds increased. Good luck hope you find your answer and feel better soon.

make sure you speak with your doctor and have your vitamins and thyroid levels checked.

also you may want to make sure you are eating well balanced meals, and stay away from the sugars that make you crash suddenly

but def talk with your doc(s) ASAP

Wow. I’m the oppisent I feel always wide awake like I’m not tired at all and sleep maybe 3 hours if I’m lucky a night. I hope you are able to find a way to not be so exhausted. Good luck!

hi...sorry you are so weak ....the gals above said what i would have suggested for you..I just want to let you know that we are here for you.

keep us posted.



Jennifer, Diana was right. You need to get checked for any deficiencies. I was experiencing extreme fatigue and found my B12 was low. Had to give myself shots once a week. Take care of yourself and let us know what you find out.

Hi…I am on pharmaton for the tiredness at the moment. You don’t need a prescription for it but it is very hard on your tummy. But it does help with stating awake and concentration during the day. Hope this helps


That is so scary! I am praying for you! I suffer from extreme fatigue as well...I just had the decompression so I am easily fatigued now...I'm anxious to see what happen when I"ve recovered.

I have tried a few different things, so maybe one will work for you. I have tried taking short 15-20 minute "powernaps" in the sick room at work, which worked well some days. I also had someone give me a tip to try drinking sparking or carbonated water that worked some days for me as well, and are great especially because we are supposed to avoid caffeine. I also have tried eating small energy boosting snacks with natural sugars like fruits or nuts or granola bars which worked ok. I also take a Vitamin B complex daily, that made a difference for me. Maybe one of those will help you. I noticed I had less problems when I began taking Melotonin as a sleep aid at night as well - my sleep quality improved greatly. GOOD LUCK!!

God Bless!


i would also get bloods done, like iron, WSC, liver, kidney, routine stuff,

and get up and exercise, this can boost your energy levels, also eat as healthy as you can, i know that its hard, i use to have problems with it, some days just making a cuppa was hard,

exercise i mean, is like a small 15min walk daily, walk the garden, or any place that you find special to you, this will seem very hard at first but it will get easier over the weeks,

also what pills are you on?