Does anyone else have a problem with falling asleep? It seems like I pass out everynight. Don’t know if it could be insomnia, my chiari, or depression or a combination of all three. All I know is I’m tired throughout the day. Lately I’ve been trying to get exercise in here and there and afterwards I am just so exhausted and I lose all my energy for the rest of the day. I don’t over exert myself in my workouts like the other day I went to the park and jogged around the track once and walked around once and I came home and all I wanted to do was sleep, but I couldn’t fall asleep…trust me I tried to take a nap…lol. I don’t know maybe it’s just me. Sorry for rambling on :slight_smile: I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

I would love to get sleep. Between menopause and Chiari, I never feel rested and I am tired all the time. Wish there was an answer for this one.

ive never been able to sleep during the day and when i do i feel worse,
i exercise just on dark so i dont use up all my energy, that seems to help
i have no trouble falling asleep, i always wake up about an hr later, chocking, and dreaming about the chocking, i hate it, it really shocks my body, i dont feel rested when i wake in the mornings, it very hard to get moving, then within acouple of hrs im buggered,

well abby that book sounds great,
it is so true,

where so you find these books?