I did a follow up with my NL today and he comfirmed with the NS that I have to have the decompression surgery. I was wondering how long the hospital stay is and what the recovery time is? Thank god I have my family to help me. My NL just gave me more scripts for the meds I am currently on to fill so I can have them in the hospital. Any advice would be great. Happy and safe healthy new year to everyone.

Shannon Hi and welcome,

hospital stay is on average a week depending on your surgeon and on you..some people are out of the hospital sooner and some are in longer. typically after surgery you remain in ICU for atleast 1 day then moved to another room for remaining time,(this also varies in time and room(s) some have 2/3 step down rooms) after the 2nd day atleast for me they slowly raised the bed until i was in the sitting position and able to tolerate that position for extended period of time, 3rd day slowly given some simple PT walking, sitting, standing, getting in and out of car (which i thought was silly but made sense after words-lol) walking stairs etc.

Once you are home you are best to rest DO NOT over do it!!!! healing time also varies some doctors would like to say in 4 weeks you are good to go as you will hear different stories this too depends on your body- so PLEASE LISTEN to your body!! do not over do it and remember DO NOT BEND! or pick up heavy objects. Healing takes time and be patient with yourself. Also remember to stay hydrated and eat as you are able to.

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I am a little surprised that your NL gave you meds for the hospital as most hospitals will give you the meds you are on without you using your meds from home.

Hope you have a Happy and Safe New Year also :D