Surgery on Jan. 2nd- advice!

I am having decompression surgery on January 2nd. The surgeon today said that it may not fix all my problems and I will probably need to do other tests and surgeries after this one. Any advice before or after my surgery? Any things that you found helpful pre or post op that may help me? Thanks!!!

Be super happy crazy positive before you go into the OR. I was and my follow up NS said that my attitude probably helped my healing. I was super happy something was being done to try and fix things and I was basically fixed after surgery so I was ridiculously happy.

Ask a lot of questions if you are scared or nervous, I was able to while on the gurney, with my mom present, speak with my surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurses etc basically anyone who was going to be in the OR with me, and ask them questions, explain my concerns and my allergies (I have a lot of drug allergies). I was also able to explain to them that it was probably going to be hard to get my IV started so they brought someone in special to get it going.

Make a list of ALL your questions-clear down to when you can shower or what type of soap to use. If you don't have an appointment with your NS before then, take it with you the day of surgery. I was super positive. I KNEW things were good-I was being the strong one because my family was the one that had to wait anxiously while I slept! I actually fell asleep in the pre-op unit waiting for the OR to be ready.

Think happy, positive thoughts and smile. This is the first step of relief! For me, it was like V-day! I enjoyed the super nice nursing staff, the doctors were so nice, even the folks visiting after. I enjoyed the meds and food as well as relaxing.

Definitely praying for you! Just think-it is going to be a very very New year for you!

Tamara, please remind us a day or two ahead of time so we can say prayers and send positive thoughts. My advice is to relax into the process and go with the flow. Sleep as much as possible in the hospital and at home. Let your family know not to expect your usual in the months to follow because you should be making an effort to do the least possible. Lay around and rest. You will have have good days and bad days, maybe weeks. A little heads up…Stay on top of the BM situation post op…that’s one you should not let ride, I did and I paid gold and silver for that. A colon impaction and brain surgery are the quintessential ying yang, I forgot all about my torn up head. Don’t be shy about telling your nurse if you are in pain :)I was home from wrk for 2.5 months for the first surgery, but it took about 8 months to get my energy back.

What additional surgeries is your NS talking about?

Love and hugs, jenn