Surgery December 2nd! Suggestions welcome!

My decompression surgery is scheduled for December 2nd. I am so relieved and excited. I am not nervous yet, but the closer it gets, I am sure that I will be. I am more concerned about when I come home and how I will deal with being sedentary. In your experiences, will I be able to be up and moving around or will I need supervision?

I was hoping to get suggestions for before, during and after surgery. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

I also wanted to take a moment and say "thank you" to everyone for their support, friendship and encouragement. When I came across this site, I had know idea that I would find such an amazing group of people! Your support means soooo much!!!

Hey how are you? I’m Tracey and I’m 6 months post op. Like Abby said after surgery death rest and knife rest. Don’t even think about doing anything else. I wasn’t able to drive for 2 1/2 months.


I couldn't find the suggestions on the resources page?

Abby said:

Honey, You have been here for us too, so know that.

Suggestions, have food prepared and frozen for quick heat ups. Yes, you will need someone to be there for you when you get home. You will not be able to drive for awhile. Make a rice bag now, (quick version) white new sock, filled with the hard rice, not minute rice, for putting in the freezer. It will feel so good on the incision site. You will need to sleep, rest, and more rest. If you have children, line up a sitter for them to help out with the children. In the resource section is some suggestions for hospital stay, home, and what to expect. If you can't find it, let me know and I will send it to you.

Remember we are here for you and praying. Please post it on the events section to remind us when your having your surgery.

Thanks Ladies! I did make some rice bags the other day. They are wonderful!!!

put your hair in pigtails for the surgery

take a pillow and run a seam across the middle of it, so that it puffs up on either side, this will let you rest with out putting too much pressure on the incision site

Hi Nicolee,

I had surgery 3 years ago. I was terrified when they were taking me in, but you know what? You will be asleep! LOL! I was in the hospital about 5 days. When I got home I could be up moving around a bit, but slept alot during the first few days. Do not go up and down stairs unassisted and be sure that you take things very slow. Eat well and drink plenty of fluids. Especially if you are on narcotics for pain. They can cause severe constipation and you don't want to have to strain! I did not drive for a long, long time, but I ended up having a couple more surgeries after the decompression because I needed a shunt and a cervical fusion. So I really can't say how long it will be before you can drive but I would guess at least 6 weeks. Do you have someone at home that can help with meals and looking after you? I think the biggest danger is falling and trying to do too much. You will need rest, rest, and more rest. Let your body heal at it's own pace and listen to how you are feeling. If you are tired, sleep. If you are hungry, eat. Be patient and remember you are having major brain surgery. Every one heals differently so you will have to listen to your own body. Please take care and let us know how you are doing. I will be praying for a quick and speedy recovery!


Hi! My daughter had her surgery 4 days ago. She is up and about slowly. The first 3 days I have to say was ruff. She sleep slot due to Meds. By the 3rd day pt came in and worked with her. They got her up made her do different neck exercises and climb stairs. It was very tiring for her but she did it. Day 4 pt came in again worked with and she was in pain needed to sleep after. Day 5 we are waiting to go home. She is still uncomfortable but moving around better. You will need support of someone when first walking around the muscle relaxer makes you dizzy. I do feel once we get her home she will do much better. She tells me she is really not in pain she said it just feels tight. We wish you all the best. Any questions you have please let me know and I will try to answer them for you. Our prayers are with you.


I'm glad you finally have a date!!

When preparing for surgery, I found someone to come live with me for a while to take care of me and help out . I froze meals ahead, and made a guide to everything in my daily life. I also created a CaringBridge for everyone to follow my surgery and recovery, everyone seems grateful for it.

The best advice I've gotten about surgery so far is to paint my toe and finger nails. It will make you feel beautiful in the hospital. I got my hair cut shorter to anticipate losing a large amount of hair in the back of my head. I have packed my own pillow and blanket for the hospital, and baby wipes to wash my face so i won't have to use their wash clothes. Lori gave me that advice on here.

I don't know what to tell you about post surgery...I haven't been there yet. My surgery is on Wednesday. I'll keep a mental list of things to tell you while I'm going through it, and let you know before your date. I'll have my mom keep track for me.

I'm sending my best thoughts and prayers your way! Best wishes!!

God bless!


T minus 1 1/2 days till surgery! I am super excited. Not nervous yet, but I am sure it will set in here eventually. Hope all is well with everyone!


HOW EXCITING!!!! You know, I didn't really get nervous about the surgery, I was more like you excited. My surgery was just a week ago, exactly, today so I'm pretty fresh.

To take to the hospital I would suggest a nightgown, underwear, and robe you find comfortable, once my catheter was gone they allowed me to wear my own clothes which makes it feel like home. Also a pillow and blanket from home will do wonders for your comfort level. I also took an MP3 play to listen to at night, the ICU tends to be loud, so you can help drown the noises out with headphones. Also take hard candy to suck on. My throat was dry after being intubated for the operation, but the mints really helped. Also take some lotion to the hospital, your skin will be so dry after the operation, and it will help make you feel better. Also get some dry shampoo, it will come in handy to wash your hands. That's all of my tips.

I wish you the best, and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers during your operation! Keep us updated on how you're doing!

God bless! Prayers,


hi katrina,

tomorrow is the day!!! i really cannot add too much from what the other folks have said..all great carla, mine was done a little over 3 yrs ago.

i brought jammie bottoms..sheets are rough in any hospital, from mt experiences....bottoms, soft a cozy , are great to have so your butt won't be hanging out there onv=ce you are able to walk yourself to the bathroom

my biggie, as far as advice for your hospital stay sure to bring facial wipes and baby wipe...Lord only knows where those wash clothes have been...LOL

I was in ICU i nite..then moved to a regular room....oh, let me back up....after the operation you will go directly to the recovery area..personally, i had (under the circumstances) a great experience there...the doctor saw we after a bit...but it was the nurses that saved my butt, as far as pain control....they were all over me to make sure i felt well enough to go to ICU.

I stayed 7 nites total....they moved me to a private room once on the regular floor b/c...this is so funny(now)..I had an elderly rommie..who, at the top of her lungs would SCREAM out the letter of the "F" work....kinda like.."GIVE ME AN F, ect"..Oh Sweet Lord...her family thought it was the funniest thing...the nurses and aides came in and told them to quite down....the patient con't with her "F" rant non stop and the family con't to be so loud with no consideration...funny to me know...the woman must have been well in her high 80's....

So, then I score!!!!! private room...yeah me...i wanted peace and quite...I let my friends and family know in advance that post surgical patient watching is not a SPECTATOR SPORT!!" I hate being 'watched while in they all know me and came and stay only a short, if you are like me and don't want people hanging out in your room for hours on end..tell them now..nicely, of course!!!!!

You are in my prayers...remember the facial /baby wipes!!!!!



You will be in my prayers tomorrow!

The others have given you very good advice on what to bring. I was all prepared for a long hospital stay after surgery but things went so well that I was released with in 48 hours.