Decompression surgery tomorrow!

I will have surgery tomorrow at 12! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous, but in my heart I know I’ll be just fine! Just posting to ask for words of wisdom, encouragement, advice, anything you may think is helpful for me to know. (Like what to take to the hospital, what to expect after etc). I am searching for positive feedback only. I choose to surround myself with light and love only! So anything negative can be saved for a different discussion. I thank all my Chiari brothers and sisters in advance! XOXO

Yikes! Good luck to you and I hope that the procedure and recovery goes well. I gleaned lots of things prior to surgery - my two favourite things were stay ahead of the pain meds (but get off the heavy stuff ASAP as being loopy slows recovery) and tiny cervical spine isometrics were the best thing ever to help with getting my neck muscles to participate in holding my head up and keep pain at bay. I starting them as soon as I was conscious ad did them many times a day.

Okay, other stuff was frequent short walks during the day and lots of rest - serious rest - like other people doing all the house and kid stuff for minimum 3 weeks (time line for me given the type of surgery and recovery I had). Everyone's time line is different.

Again good luck!

It's great that you are surrounding yourself with positive thoughts an things! :) I believe that is the way to go!

Best of luck in the surgery! Hava a swift recovery!

Thank you Gabby and Fugu, for the words of wisdom and encouragement! Surgery went great! How relieving to get that out the way! I’m on a good pain regiment to ensure the pain stays at bay. I give all praise and honor the Lord for bringing me this far. I am equally as grateful for having people like you two, who have been through it already & have sound advice --it’s very comforting!

Love yall, hope you two are better by the day!

It's nice to hear it wnt great! :)

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I have not had surgery.

So good to hear your surgery went so well. I wish you continued success with your recovery.