Date is set! looking for advice!

Hi everyone! The date of my decompression surgery is set for December- I'm looking for just a bit of how to prepare. I know pretty much what to expect, but what should I bring to the hospital/how should I prepare before/for after discharge/etc? Any insight is appreciated! Positive vibes!

Happy to start things rolling with some positive vibes directed your way, purple.:slight_smile: Look for our message and your name and date on our Upcoming Surgeries discussion.
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My son had his on Tuesday - to be honest there is not much you can do.

No pillow and no ice can work as you can hardly move your neck

My advice is relax and please be warned that you will feel like vomiting - it is normal.

The next advice is THAT DAY 3 is the worst - it is known that after any operation day 3 is the worst - you get such a fright as you think that something is wrong - just remember that so you don't stress yourself out.

Drinking cold water was the best for my son and you don't really feel like eating - so he ordered jelly.

And if you feel the nurse is not doing something right or have not washed their hands SPEAK out - infection is the one thing you don't want.

And they really don't need to clean the bedding twice a day for the first two days - it just stresses you out as it hurts your neck too much - I made them only change it once a day.

Thinking you - send us your date so Tanner and I can keep you in our thoughts

I just had My Decompression ten days ago, just know that for the first three days after the surgery you will be totally useless! and that that is ok. :) you will be like a wet noodle, people will have to help you do everything, just be willing to let them help you. Also, request real ice packs not the chemical ones, they work better and feel better. if you can get the leg thingies that smoosh the air all around your legs constantly while you are laying there GET THEM! it is a constant massage, and is heavenly. pile hot packs at your shoulders and (real) icepacks at the incision, this was is heaven to me. Take a lotion or something that you like the smell of, It was really comforting to me To have my smelly goods there. :)

Be prepared to rest. Did bring toothbrush and deodorant and underwear for when they took the catheter out. You can’t shower but my husband and aid cleaned me daily, had a fridge in my room ad all I ate was ensures pudding and jello. No appetite for me. I felt nauseous good luck and praying for good results .

Bring lots of pillows with bright pillow cases so they don’t get lost, own blanket, Slippers, pj’s that button up if you don’t want to wear the hospital gowns or comfy pants. Also, since it’s hard to wash your face and you are not allowed to shower, get those olay soapy wipes. I would wipe my whole body with those. Also, always have someone with you at the hospital. It was very helpful for me.

Good luck with everything! It’s not easy but know this pain will end eventually! Everyday will get a little better and don’t over do it.
Amanda (decompressed 11/16/15)

Any suggestions about comfort once we get home and the recoup process?

Pillow? Neck support? Physio?

I'm still very early in the recovery process, but I've found that the "pain in the neck" pillow from zipperhead medical pillows (you can find them online) has been and continues to be very very helpful and comfortable!
Daruma said:

Any suggestions about comfort once we get home and the recoup process?

Pillow? Neck support? Physio?