Success so far :)

Just wanted to let everyone know that surgery isn't always a bad experience. This is
Steven just 1 month post op. He went to his senior homecoming in his favorite car. He feels great, no headaches, his IBS has settled down, just a little neck stiffness and frequent naps. The only thing we are still fighting is his anxiety, and wondering if it is Chiari related, don't want to blame the Chiari for everything :), he has always been an anxious kid. I wish everyone that is about to have surgery a great recovery like Steven has had. I know it has only been a month and pray that his recovery stays uneventful.

I am so glad Steven is doing well !!!

He is a very handsome young man and I know you are a proud and happy Momma. He has been through so much.

Thanks for sharing this picture and letting us know how he is doing. Just keep an eye on the anxiety and if it gets worse

talk to his Dr.about it.

Please continue to let us know who he is doing,

Tracy Z.

That’s awesome so glad he is doing well!

That’s awesome!!! I, too, had a great surgery and so far have had a great recovery! I will be 6wks post-op tomorrow and have been feeling wonderful! Hope your son continues to have a great recovery!

Thank you everyone, Steven is a very determined young man to have a successful life. We are working closely with his Dr. for the anxiety. I wish everyone a wonderful day.

It is wonderful that he is doing so well! I’m so glad he got to start the new school year off with a good memory!


So happy to see this and that he is doing so well.
I am 2 wks. post-op - hoping I feel as good at one month :slight_smile:
Good luck Steven!

Great to hear!

If you wouldn't mind, could you let me know what symptoms Steven had before surgery? I myself am considering it, but am hesitant.

Thank you for sharing this! I haven’t had surgery yet, and am unsure about it. Every positive story helps to give me hope. I pray that he continues to improve! Thanks again!

I'm so happy for your son! So far I've had a very positive experience as well. I am one year post-op! :)

This wonderful news!

WTG!!! So glad he is feeling so well. Praying for his continued success. I know it is a load to bear on the entire family.

Steven, so happy for you I know what it’s like to get a good result after so many years it is a blessing from God to feel better.Hope all just keep getting better,as for myself there has been set backs that is not the chiari but maybe other issues,compared to before it’s still such a miraculous thing,these wonderful world of medicine it took 27 yrs.for me I thought it would never happen but it did!Keep us posted on your progress.