Strange question

This is gonna sound so weird and crazy. Does anyone know if it is possible that the ligaments behind your eyes are too stretchy and so when you lie with your eyes closed your eyeballs roll severely to the top, bottom or sides . Therefore making you have eyestrain and another type of headache from it. Any theories or anything similar would be most appreciated. I know i am sleep deprivated the the 10th degree but i swear this has been happening for yrs, also i have an MRI where u can see my eyeballs were all over the place.

Hi Allura

I have not experienced such but I suggest you see a neuro or opthalmologist for that matter. Take care.

You would need to see a nuero or optometrist so they can refer you to a opthamologist I havent had this experience but my eyes sometimes dialate and undialate very quickly or my pupils "bounce" and causes a migraine

I haven't had this but I do have double vision and its often blurred.Have had glasses for 35yrs because of problems with muscles at the back of my eyes,can't stand any glare and putting my glasses on is the first thing I do when I wake up.I get very tired if I read for very long,often have a nap after reading morning paper.
Was my Optometrist who picked up on something being amiss and advised me to have a brain scan,it was from that scan my Chiari was diagnosed.
My children often say my eyes look weird especially when I'm tired.
Sounds like you urgently need an Opthalmologist appointment.Good Luck.

Actually, they have neuro-opthamologists. That’s what I would recommend. I needed to see one due to complete sporadic visual loss (without loss of consciousness). My neurosurgeon recommended it because it was unrelated to my Chiari.

Thank you all... i made an appt with my reg doctor after reading that hypermobility causes such a thing. I was at the physical therapist and he asked a few questions and tested a few of my joints and he says i have hypermobility. And that the eye muscles are too loose your eyeballs can roll around and overextend and cause eyestrain and headaches.which explains why i have several diff headaches. My neck muscles being too loose will cause strain and another type of headache on top of the chiari headache and migraine and tension headaches. After 35 yrs of your elbows spinning around you really dont think of it as odd or as something