Puzzled w symptoms

Headaches from base of skull to forehead, behind eyes, around right ear, down to shoulder.

Only feels comfort when I lying on right side. Antinflams help too.

Always pressure behind eyes!!!

Neuro's say migraines, muscle tension, blocked nerves try antidepressants, trigger point injections, ONB,antiinflams, massage, and tens unit

Eye doc says no spimal fluid issues

Surgeon appt is coming at the end of the month

Is there anything else to check? Can you think of anything I am missing?

Any other specialist I should consult with? Does anyone else feel like this? Maybe see ENT to check out sinus and or dev septum?

biggest problem is eye pressure......I am puzzled

I am open to feed back.


So glad you have an appt with NS at the end of the mth....He (I HOPE) will give you validation and a plan of action.

I went to many neurologists b4 being correctly treated by a NS..EVERY NL said basically the same thing.."Something is wrong, but it is not the Chiari!"

I had wicked eye pressure and H/A's, drop foot, balance issues, ear issues..like I could hear my heart beat in both ears..if not that then my ears felt plugged....neck and shoulderblade pain, pain in both feet...hands would go numb and sometimes cramp up....I had decompression 3 yrd ago and had good results...I still stuggle with balance and visual problems and H/A's..but nothing like before.

I would suggest you bring a list of EVERY symptom....even if you think it is not related.

You have had an MRI , right??? Ask NS about a Cine MRI...pronounced like "CINNY"..this is a flow study..an MRI but with a radiologist there while it is being done...and this test checks for spinal fluid flow abnormalities.

I am sure others will chime in and give you their experiences....we are all in this together!!!!


Thank you Lori that is comforting. Sometimes you just don’t know if you are even headed in the right direction. Any feedback helps. WE have had the Cine MRI and that reported good flow, two eye docs confirmed that as well. Another puzzle is that the neurosurgeon he had reviewed the MRI is who will consult with on the 26th of Sept. The original finding was July 12. By the time we see the surgeon he will only have about 10 days of short term disability left. Would he move onto Long Term Disability then. I have no idea how that works either.


You may want to get the ball rolling as far as Long term Disability goes...you can apply online..www.ssa.gov I think that is it...Social Security Disability...takes about 4 mths to hear back....

Good Luck,