Frustration at symptoms and Drs who dont know what they are!


I am so frustrated. The last 2 weeks are constant pressure in my head. Buzzing in my ear, Vertigo (haven't fallen, but I walk into everything) and nausea. Its been getting progressively worse. Everytime I look up, the dizziness gets more worse. One trip to ER for the nausea. Follow up apt with the doctor yesterday. So she wants to believe it is something else. Maybe migraines as I was diagnosed with those when I was a teenager.

LOOK IT UP!!! All the symptoms are Chiari. The doctor I had as a child/young adult couldn't even get me diagnosed properly for my asthma!!!! He denied my birth control pills at 18 as it was "against his religion" Anybody stop to think I was misdiagnosed!!!!

I live in Metropolitan Toronto. I really need someone to listen and figure this crap out. I am getting so frustrated and sick and tired of being sick and tired that "crossing the rainbow" would be an escape. I'm not talking suicide, but I really want an end to this pressure, dizziness, and constant finding out there is yet another thing that I love to do that I can no longer do!!!!

Any suggestions? In Canada we have universal health care, so I really can't shop around (even more frustrating)

Hi Nicole

I'm in Canada as well so I understand some of your frustration with health care. Fortunately I do have a good family doctor so my frustrations are more with long wait times and not with a doctor who doesn't listen. You need to be very persistent and insist your doctor refer you to a specialist (neurologist) to do the testing to either confirm or rule out Chiari. Don't take no for an answer. Hopefully there is someone on here in your area who can suggest a better doctor in your area. I'm in western Canada so I can't help you there.

I have the same symptoms as you, as well as a few others and I understand how hard they are to cope with on a daily basis. I use Gravol for the nausea (an over the counter medication) and also take Topiramate and oxy-neo for the headaches. I've learned what activities trigger or aggravate symptoms and have modified my lifestyle to cope. Its not an easy condition to live with, but it can be done. My suggestion is to first go and harass your doctor until you get that referral so you can get a diagnosis and then read as much as possible as you can on Chiari and get informed. This is a good place to start. Good luck.


Thanks Abbey and Missy,
My issue is so much more frustrating as I have the diagnosis. 14mm of it and just learned they didn’t check for syrinx. I’ve seen a neurologist. And neurosurgeon. That was over a year ago. Since then I’m worse. I can run. It makes things worse. I have trouble walking. Most exercises with weights give me headaches. I just want some relief