Hello everyone

Hello everyone,

I found out I had Chiari a couple years ago. I have suffered from horrible headaches, dizziness, tingling, etc. When I mentioned I had Chiari to my neurologist, I was told that Chiari has no systems and you only discover you have it when doing an MRI or CT scan for something else.

Two years later and my symptoms have gotten worse. It is so frustrating having these symptoms, knowing the cause, but not being able to get treatment for it. I have tried so many different migraine medications and none of them work.

I am glad I found this board so I can hear other's experiences and communicate with those with the same issues.

Hi St Paul

Sounds like you are experiencing your own side-winding Chiari journey. Hopefully you can find informative and helpful medical professionals who will be on your side and not dismissive of your symptoms and concerns.

Good luck!