Six Years Post Op

Wow it feels weird to say that “6 years post op”! Well seems like I come and post an update and then everyone says I need to change my screen name so I tried doing that first and couldn’t figure out how so here it goes. So I am six years to the day post op from decompression and for the first time since before my surgery I put rollerblades on and my balance was fine again. Prior to symptoms I rollerbladed all the time so it was nice to enjoy it again. I am so far still symptom free with the occasional headaches or dizziness if I move to quick but those moments are still rare and for the most part I still live a normal medication free life. For those of you contemplating surgery I would say do your research with doctors and hospitals and although having your head cut open is scary its worth it. Please also keep in mind choosing the right doctor makes a big difference in recovery as well. There are many posts on here where they didn’t have weeks of recovery afterwards I was kept off work and on pretty much bed rest for almost 8 weeks sitting up as tolerated although I felt like I could return to normal after 4 weeks my doctor insisted on the almost 8 to give the muscle time to heal properly. Make sure you ask questions about he recovery as well. Today I am thankful for my doctors and family and coworkers who helped out. Thankful that I decided to have surgery and take my life back! Hope this post helps someone and they see success stories and it eases the fears prior to surgery.