Random numbness question

I've read on here and other places about Chiari causing numbness in hands, feet, etc... I don't think I've ever had that, but sometimes (not often) I'll get a numb toe or two just out of the blue.

Does anyone think it's possibly Chiari related.... or just one of those weird and random things?

I have suffered from random numb spots for years. They occur anywhere on my body but seem most common on my face and scalp. Feet and hand tingling are common for me too. I would also get strange sensations like feeling like someone touched a match to my back or leg or feeling like my side was being gently squeezed. Since my surgery 3 weeks ago I still have some tingling in my feet and hands and some numb spots on my scalp but with MUCH less frequency. The literature my doctor gave me about what to expect says that the hands and feet stuff take the longest to clear up and may not completely go away depending on the extent of nerve damage. Also that numbness in the scalp will continue while your surgery heals because they cut the nerves in your neck...but like I said even with that it's less frequent that ever before.

Hi Teresa,

Chiari affects a lot of nerves & can even cause toe numbness. I actually get numbness in different areas, but to me the most strange place is my lips. Every now and them my lips become & stay numb for an hour or so.

Hope this helps,

Tracy Z.

Thanks. I've just been thinking of the various random and/or rare and odd things that I remember that has happened to me w/ no explanation and wondering what has been caused by Chiari and what could be something else.

Hands/feet itching and swelling for no apparent reason couldn't be Chiari, could it?

Total hoarse voice was happening today and I actually WASN'T yelling at my kids first.... lol

Very interesting condition it is. Before I was diagnosed, I would get numb feet, so I nicknamed it "heavy feet". Random fingers would go numb, so I nicknamed it "fat finger". When one of my toes went numb, 'cold toe', because it felt cold. My left arm went completely numb, and I had a difficult time breathing, and it landed me in the emergency room thinking I was having a heart attack! They dismissed me saying I was just hyper ventilating. I knew something wasn't right, so I went for nerve testing, which they found nothing. So Dr. sent me to physical therapy which included neck and back massage, which made it worse. I thought I was loosing my mind because there was nothing wrong! I never knew when numbness will make its appearance. I have never had any facial or head numbness.