Tingling hands and feet

Hi all,

I have a Chiari and Syrinx, diagnosed 2yrs ago. My symptoms have ramped up since brain tumour surgery 21months ago. Mainly headaches and horrendous backache. I am on Lyrica for the back pain. Since Saturday my symptomas and pain levels have taken a huge jump. All the weekend I have had the worse backache with pain and heaviness in my R arm, wrist and hand, Enough to have me in tears. Today I was good at work until lunchtime. Massive headache, that led to backache and then full on burning tingling in my hands and feet. This is new and starting to scare me. As I write this they are still tingling. I have an apt with Neurologist for SEP (some sort of nerve testing) in 3 weeks and see hm for results some 3 days later. My husband wants me to try and bring it forward. Please can I have some words of advise from those of you that have been here. I feel that the Syrinx has for some reason just got worse and is trying to tell me something with these new symptoms. Frannie

I would definitely call your NL and explain that your symptoms have worsened dramatically. Ask for a sooner appointment or to be put on a cancellation list!

I did not have syrinx but I did have burning/tingling in my hands and feet prior to surgery and it's no fun! I'm so sorry you are having a rough time of it!

I would ask to be seen sooner, tell them your scared. Have you seen a neurosurgeon for the Chiari yet?

Thanks girls for the replies. I am going to ring this morning and see if I can get an earlier apt, or maybe just see the Neurologist at least. Have seen my Neurosurgeon last time in Feb. He is the same one that took out my brain tumour, so a very accomplished and skilled man. Have another apt end of Sept after MRI to see Neurosurgeon. We spoke about the surgery last year, and he did emphasize the seriousness of it all, but I guess I blew it off a little. Especially after just having had and survived brain tumour surgery. Clearly these symptoms are trying to tell me something now.