Post-op tension or pulling sensation

Here I go again, lol. Has anyone experienced a tense or pulling sensation in the back of the next post-op? I am 3 weeks out and feel good for the most part. I have good and bad days. Memory is still a huge issue, but this new strange neck pain has me wondering. My left had has been tingling a lot too.


Yes I had the tense/pulling it took a little while for that sensation to go away-I did not have the hand tingling tho' that might be caused by some medication or how you are holding your head maybe ?. But please do remember not to over do anything and rest is very important. Also remember if you feel something is wrong it never hurts to contact your NS to make sure everything is OK.

I am 3 weeks and 1 day post op and yes I too have a pulling sensation in my neck, especially when moving in certain directions. I have found taking my muscle relaxers help a little bit with this. Good luck : )

Thanks Ladies,

I hate to call my NS with every little thing. It is so helpful to just pop on here and get some advice and know that these things are "NORMAL." Lol...I say that jokingly ;)

Make sure you let your doctor know what is going on. Maybe he can write you a pprescription for physical therapy to help with the neck pain and strain. The stiffness in your neck may be causing the tingling in your hand.


Hi Nicolee!

I had a lot of tension and pulling sensations with a lot of muscle spasms during week 3 of my recovery. I am 4 weeks post-op today, and know what you mean about the good/bad days. I also am still having problems with my memory.

The thing that gave me a lot of relief from those problems with the neck pains and sensation was socks filled with rice. I have one that is frozen, and one that I micowave. I bought men's thermal socks, and split a 3 lb. bag of rice between the two socks. I simply rotate hot/cold, and wrap the sock around my did miracles for me.

GOOD LUCK! I hope you find relief soon!


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YUP!!!! I had that same feeling as well....I was scared the patch was coming un-done inside my head..called said it was very normal and it was all muscle spasm and being did pass.

He did order muscle relaxer which helped so much....give your NS a call....hopefully he is working part of the day today, being Christmas can call his answering service and put a call in..have him or whoever is covering call you back......tell whoever calls back whats going on and ask for muscle relaxers.



PS: Katrina has the sock and rice 'recipe' great for some folks.....just my 2 cents call the doctor too.

Thanks Katrina for the sock and rice..I just posted that this am ..but could not rmrmber who used that!!XOXOXOX