Post-Op 7 weeks and 4 days... neck pain is increasing

Hey everyone,

I am doing really, really outstanding after the surgery. I have some pain periodically but overall, it is nice to move around again. No major headaches or migraines either. I just cannot seem to shake the neck pain that I have. In no way did I think that the surgery was going to leave me pain free.

It seems to be more of an issue with weather changes (or maybe it is in my head). It is stiff on a daily basis and feels like I have to ice it more and more. Sadly, where I work, I cannot have ice on me.

Ideas or suggestions? The neurosurgeon says this should not be happening and told me to speak with my family physician. I am at a loss for words.


(((((hugs)))) I’m sorry to hear that. I have no helpful ideas but I’ll send some prayers your way.


I am happy to read that you have felt improvement since surgery.

As for your neck pain...I am shocked that your NS is sending you to your family doctor. You must keep in mind that 7.5 weeks post op is not a long time.....when he cut, he cut through muscle..which takes quite a while to heal..your body is still healing.

You are already back to goodness..that is a quick return!!! You must listen to your body..easier said than done, i know...Have you tried topical gels like Bio-Freeze or Mineral Ice??? Are you seeing a Physical Therapist???? I know that once my surgery was done and the staples taken NS pretty much cut me loose....I wish I had gone to PT right after surgery...Looking back I think my NS told me to go..but I was dealing with a lot ....moving 6 hrs away...and had no insurance once we moved...So, I guess what i am trying to say is that PT may help if you can do it.

Oh yeah, there are these patches which are prescription but some folks have had good results...they are called LIDODERM patches...non-narcotic...main ingredient is Lidocaine....numbing agent.

Keep us updated.