Post Op Questions

How to Prepare for most op?
My surgery is 9/24 & I'm trying to get things in order since I am "hoping" to be camping w/dh 9/10-17 and don't want to be frantic the week b4 surgery if that is even possible lol. There may be a site or post w/this info, if so please let me know- my navigation skills are nit that great :-) from everything I hAve been reading here and let me say right NW I would be so lost w/o all of you, I have the following questions:
1. Dh asked if he should rent a hospital bed for recovery?
2. Will I be able to sleep on my back? Side? Stomach?
3. Will I need to be reclining?
4. I don't want to be in any position that would contribute to a leak that's why all my "postion" ques.
5. What are opinions on pt? Is this something you usually do immediately after surgery or can it cause harm if done too soon? My ns mentioned pt but I did not ask when
6. When do start showering & washing hair? B4 or after staples are removed?
7. I have seen here that sometimes a leak will heal itself- how does that happen?
And again is position you are in help or hinder that?

I know I cannot plan on everything that may happen but I do want to be as prepared as I can for some of the things I have area so much about here.
Sorry for the length and thanks so much for any help :-) :-)

1. No

2. It depends on the severity of your surgery. I had a very advance situation & I could sleep on my back as long as the bed was raised at the top. I could only sleep on my right side while the bed was lowered. I can't lay on my stomach at all, even now it puts too much pressure on my neck.

3. Reclining 45 degrees or more is comfortable for me, but less than 45 degrees hurts my neck and back.

4. I haven't read any studies that relates a CSF leak with your body position. Maybe if you fell & injured your head, it could be possible, but highly unlikely.

5. My NS did not want me to take PT at all. I had to have a rebuilt C-Spine at the same time as my CM surgeries. He told me to look with my head & eyes to each corner of the room when a commercial came on the TV. I have a total range of motion. Many Member do try PT & have positive experiences.

6.I started when I was in the surgical, after I got out of ICU....with the staples still in.

7.MY CSF leak healed itself. I did have to lay flat on my back for about a week. It was explained to me that the inflammation makes everything swell & allows the leak to close.

I hope this helps. Everyone is different.

Hopefully everything will go well for you,

Tracy Z.

dear all, thank you for all your responses wow! you have given me such great info and i feel much better prepared now. im sure i will have more questions :) thanks again !