Post op follow up tomorrow with my NS

Hi everyone,

Well, I will be 3 wks post op on Jan. 10th and my follow up is tomorrow. I am anxious to get my surgical report from my NS's office to see what all was done during my surgery. I was so loopy after surgery that I barely remember what he told me and my hubby wasn't exactly a great pair of extra ears. lol

I was put on Decadron (steroid) on Thurs. due to pressure cooker feeling ha's. Friday was an excellent day. It was sun shining and my head did not hurt at all. I did not need pain meds at all Friday or Saturday. The steroids work really good. I was put on them because my NS's nurse said that sometimes after surgery there can be some irritation and swelling on the brain and that the steroids would help. Boy to they ever. I felt almost "normal" again! Saturday was good also. That is the best I have felt since surgery. I will gladly take the good days when they come.

Today is alright. I had to take one pain pill. I had ran out of my muscle relaxers last night. Had to go to CVS this morning to pick them up. They have lowered them from 750mg to 500mg, so that is good.

My NS nurse said we should be able to wean me off of the steroids this week.

Thank you to all my friends on here for your love and support. I don't know what I would do without you all!

Love and Gentle Hugs, XXXXOOOO


Good Luck tomorrow!! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Good luck....let us know what he says.