Possible upcoming surgery

Hi everyone,

I got a call from a neurosurgeon in Pittsburgh today (Dr. Jho). I live in VA and had sent him my brain and spine MRIs along with some paperwork that I got from his website. He does the Chiari surgery endoscopically which appeals to me (less invasive, shorter hospital stay, shorter recovery time). His nurse or secretary called today and said he thinks I need 3 seperate surgeries. One for the Chiari, and two on my spine due to cervical stenosis on both sides of my spine. He would like to do the first on the 30th of this month (with an in office visit on the 29th). I guess my visit with him on the 29th will determine which surgery needs to be first?

Do any of you have cervical stenosis? I have never even heard that before today. I only knew about my Chiari. Do any of you have thoughts/opinions on these procedures being done endoscopically vs. the traditional way?

I am also waiting on a phone call from the Chiari Institute in NY. I know they want to see me (I got that call today also), just waiting on a call from a nurse with specifics. I also was wondering if I should see Dr. Bejjani in Pittsburgh before going to my 29th appointment since I'll be up there anyway. I read a lot about him and know he's considered a true specialist. Has anyone here seen him?

Thanks for reading this :)