Up coming Appointment

I am scheduled with Dr Bejjani in Pittsburgh on Sept 6. Has anyone on here had him and what can you tell me about him....thanks!

I should mention I am traveling close to 4 hours to see him.


I don't know anything about Dr.Bejjani but one thing that I have done when i look up a doctor is Google their name with Chiari in the search. If there are any personal stories or recomendations out there some will show up in the search. Good luck Honey.


Sorry that I am late on this discussion but hey better late than never.

Let me say this first about Doc B. If you are looking for a wonderful bedside manner, I would not recommend him. However, if you are looking for a surgeon, I would. Doc B. does not mince words he tells you directly without sugar coating. He is an old school doc and will not operate unless it is necessary. With my case he first thought the the cervical stenosis was the problem; he fixed it and I was still having issues. We decided to do the Chiari surgery and he told me flat out it may or may not relieve my symptoms, he gave me good odds that is might. Now with Doc B. he still thinks that the size of the herniation is a major factor or he did for mine. He kept telling my wife and I that my Chiari is not that big, but he noted that I did not have any CSF flow.

I am not trying to scare you here but I want to give you all of my experience so yo may make a better decision and by no means am I an expert on Doc B. or Chiari. I am about 2 weeks post op and still up and down in symptoms and pain. He does answer questions, before you go I would make a list of the questions you want to ask him, if not he will be in and out. Also if you can, prepare a symptom list of what symptom, how long it happens, how often, etc. He may appear to dismiss it at first but I think he really does look at it and he does place it in your file. Also if his office has not told you yet bring a copy of you MRI films and report and if possible get/make a second copy. He likes to keep a set if he operates. Also did you already have a CINE MRI, if so again bring copy(s).

If you need directions (from your appointment date it looks as if you are going to see him in his Pittsburgh office), use UPMC Hillman Cancer Center as the destination. It is $5 for valet parking, trust me and use it makes a shorter walk and easier parking.

Good luck and any more questions please feel free to ask me.


Thank You so much for your reply. I can live with a doctor whose bedside manor isnt the best...if he is the best at what he does. I have seen 2 surgeons already who are saying definately surgery. My herniation is 20 mm plus there is a meningioma tumor 2cm in the same area...I did not have the cine but I am scheduled for a full spinal on Aug 14...the last surgeon said he could do a cine but was sure with the size of the herniation there is blockage....I am scared to have the surgery as was and is everyone on this site....my symptoms are mostly the chiari headache from laughing, coughing and kind of straining, dizzy, foogy brain, vision weird,heavy arms and legs and tingling in legs...sometimes trouble swallowing...Ive only had these symtoms for a little over a year but awlays had headaches, but more like a migraine...these headaches when they happen last for about a minute but during that minute I feel like i oculd drop to my knees...I feel like ive lost alot of my independance, and lets not even start about symptoms during changing weather....mostly feel like im 47 going on 80...at any rate im sure you know and have been there...so happy you are on the other side...praying I make the right choice myself...thanks again.