Seeing surgeon need advice

Saw a neurologist today. He confirmed chiari type 1. 5-6mm herniation. He said he wasn't sure the headaches, which start in back of head and neck were from it. Or the swallowing problems (not to mention almost daily hiccups which I just found out isn't normal). Should I ask for further MRI for the spinal cord syrinx (I think that's what its called. What other questions should I ask? He seemed sceptical of symptoms being from chiari. Seems like he doesn't know much about it. Thanks all.
Christ's slave,

hi nick

im sorry you have this condition, but thankyou for putting your trust into this site.

headaches are a big problem with chiari, and yes i would say would be the cause of those,

i have heard of people with hipcups,

most docs do not know what chiari is,,, in most cases we have to inform them of the symptoms,

my specialist told me that everything below a point is effected,

a spine MRI would be a great thing to request, it goes hand in hand, your cord can easily be compromisedm its needs it be monitered,

Did your NL speak about sending you to a NueroSURGEON?

i dont want to overwelme you with tones of questions you already have alot to think about,

but it must be great for you to have a name put to your issues?

we are all here for you,



Yeah. I am going on Thursday. I probably should have said that’s who I’m going to ask the questions to. I really like the surgeon too; I have seen him for my ruptured lumbar disc. I am pretty sure they (surgeon and ologist) will send me to another surgeon too. Someone at Henry Ford in Detroit for the surgery (I am in Flint,Mi). This has been a strange year with all the medical problems but it has taught me how to be my own advocate and not take being blown off because a doc doesn’t understand a disease (I have been to 3 pulmonologists for sarcoidosis until and am finally receiving treatment after a year long battle). What are key questions you wish you had asked if you could do it over?
Thanks again all!
Christ’s slave,

Nick, they told me the exact same thing. My headaches would start from the back of my head and neck and pain in my right shoulder, but I experience the swallowing problem and the first time it scared me so bad, and I would he the burping and hiccups for hours that would take away my breathe, and they stated to me that my symptoms are not coming from my CM type 1.

Ive heard of swallowing problems but what are they

Ive had hiccups hit me a few times and they are no fun and hard to explain to others they are related to chiari

When I experience the swallowing problems a couple of times I couldn’t even get my own saliva to go down my throat and I wind up hitting myself across my chest to finally swallow. The hiccups and the burping was very disruptive and it gave me the shortness of breathe, but they say they don’t think it’s from the Chiari it’s just crazy and they make you feel like you are losing your mind as well.

Thanks for all the feedback. Here is 2 studies on hiccups I found interesting.


some times I get the burping and hiccups for hours. One minute I’m fine and then when I lay down they start and last for hours. No fun at all! But I just alway thought it was heartburn.

i chok on food and liquids at times, but the worst is feeling the food hasnt gone down and gets stuck, it sends pain up my throat and face, its very painful, but i also have a tumor compressioning my spine, which could cause that, iwhen i get it i drink a big glass of water to move what ever is stuck, very painful but a relief when it passes.

i dont get alot of hipcups, but heart burn

i have a camera shoved down my throat to rule out anything going on, but all came back clear,