Petrified about getting surgery

Hi everyone,

I went to my NS yesterday for the first time since March, since I last saw him my symptoms have grown to include weird feelings in my hands and feet. In March he did not pressure me into surgery saying I had time to think about it and I should wait as long as I felt I could. With the new symptoms he said I need to strongly consider it and the sooner the better as the longer the weird feelings go on the more likely that the damage to my nervous system will be irreversible.

So here I am...finally come to the decision that I do the need the surgery soon, but scared to death! It's not the actual surgery that scares me, but the anesthesia. I like to be in control of every aspect of my life, and the thought of being under anesthesia has always been my biggest fear. I've never been in the hospital other than childbirth and even then I left after one night instead of the recommended two - I didn't want to be there any longer than necessary.

Has anyone any tips on how I can mentally prepare myself for this? Does anyone else share the same anxieties?



Thank you Emmaline. I know I have to hand over the reins, and I know I will be in good hands.

Thank you Beeba. You are right I do have more choices than I thought. I know I am in capable hands, and I know it is the right decision. The unknown is a scary thing.