I crazy?

I hate peppermints but am I the only person that seems to think that if I eat one or two my headaches seems to lessen? I hate these dreadful headaches and lately I have been getting crazy nausea spells, and help/advice there? I see constant floaters all day as well but not sure if there is anything I can do about those.

As an update I am scheduled to go to the Mayo clinic in January and plan to schedule for surgery after that. Thanks for all the support :)

Hi There.....

I love to learn about aromatherapy and essential oils.......peppermints have actual peppermint oil in them..even the most peppermint gums....

Anyway...I got a bottle of pure peppermint does help!!!!! You can burn it in an oil the cap and just inhale for a couple of secs....

I made a topical rub for neck pain....always use a 'carrior oil' such as olive oil...Look up essential oil recipes ..

Good luck.


This is amazing stuff, girls! Lori, I will look that up for sure:) I always heard that peppermint helped with upset stomach but I didn't know it could help headaches or pain! Awesome.