Natural Remedies


I was just wondering if anyone has tried any natural remedies, such as herbs, vitamins, cleanses, that may have helped with headaches? I suffer every morning and most afternoons with headaches. I'm currently taking Norco for the pain. It brings the headaches down, but seldom takes it completely away. I don't want to depend on pharmaceuticals to get through the day. My thought is trying either a cleanse (Master Cleanse) and/or juicing. I was just wondering if anyone else has tried and what the outcome was.........

I know a lot of members seem to find Vitamin D, K, and magnesium to help with headaches. Arnica gel or cream applied topically seems to offer some help. Also an anti-inflammatory diet like Dr. Weil's or the Paleo diet is followed by some members here! I hope you get relief soon!

Thank you so much for the information. I'm going to try all the above.

Me too!

Yes, see Mandy's recent Discussion on all this Featured on main page.

Lots of good info. there