It helps with my headache and neck pain!

Lately, I’ve had some luck with a few different treatments to address my headaches and neck pain:

  • Massage- every two weeks on my back and neck. It’s kind of deep-tissue, therapeutic massage. It hurt at first (lots of muscle tightness to work out) and now it’s rarely uncomfortable. I also take a muscle relaxer (cut into quarters, just to take the edge off) sometimes in between.
  • Botox injections- I’ve only had one set of shots, but it really did seem to provide significant relief. The shots are wearing off now and I’m not due to have another appointment until the end of the month. I definitely plan to continue this.
  • Peppermint oil- Really. I keep it in my purse to rub a little on the back of my neck when I have milder headache and neck pain.

Hope this is helpful! Just as an FYI- I’m not decompressed. I have an 8mm Chiari and reduced (not blocked) CSF flow. My headaches and neck pain are my most troublesome symptoms. I might try physical therapy and/or vision therapy next, to help with vertigo and light sensitivity.


Wonderful tips. I love peppermint oil.

I just got my first set of botox injections and I am so so happy I did it. It did not make the pain go away entirely but I am pleasantly surprised. I am still having daily headaches but they are not nearly as bad. I am so happy you are getting some relie.

What is great and lasted for me up to two years before I needed a repeat, is a rhyzotomy to the nerve in the neck. Totally blocked the pain.

Thanks for the info/tips Nelson19950! I just recently received a referral for massage therapy so that my insurance will cover the cost. I’m hopeful that helps.