Pediatric Urologist

Zach went and had his ultra sound of his abdomen and kidneys. Everything was great so now they are sending him to a pediatric urologist in Jax. They are going to put in a catheter and fill his bladder to see if it is working correctly. Does anyone know how this is done? They will put him out first, right? I am hoping they will not keep him awake for this procedure. I had it done years ago and it was horrible.

If it is a VCUG, unfortunately no they do not put them out. My eldest daughter had one done ago about 8 months ago. They do give a sedation that numbs but does not put them out. If all goes well he should be done in under 1/2 hour. Katrina (eldest) was done on about 15 minutes, was out of the room in 25 after getting dressed and receiving goodies from the staff.

Sorry for the news that way, but Katrina said it did not hurt at all and she does not always have a high threshold for pain and this is not one of the areas where her pain threshold is high.